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founder of Selfloops,lived in 4 different countries (Italy, USA, Finland, Spain), worked in the mobile/smartphone industry, passionate of strategy and innovation in the digital convergence world (mobile+media+internet)

twitter: @cdelrosso


Digital Strategy and Finance Executive with experience in hospitality, lodging, healthcare, education, and global facilities management. Specializes in delighting digital consumers by delivering innovative experiences in areas such as mobile commerce, local commerce, payments, nutrition, social media, micromarketing and customer loyalty. Engineers processes to allow enterprise systems and human assets to successfully execute a digital strategy.

Jeroen "Jay" van Rijn

My specialties are product strategy, product portfolio strategy, product innovation, and product management.

I am an Engineer and MBA, a former product manager at Nokia, a former managing consultant at Lotus Software and IBM, now turned entrepreneur. I am the founder of Frienductions, Inc the company behind WyzerMe.

I blog at and

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